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Australian Standards

Standards are often quoted but what are they and how do they work. Many assume that Australian Standards are a Government authority. Well that is not the case but Standards Australia does work hand in hand with relevant Government Departments and their associated legislation. Some standards are mandatory – think AS3000 and non compliance can cause very heavy penalties or leave one open to unpleasant consequences.

Australian Standards is a long-established, august organisation originally incorporated by Royal Charter. Today it has many divisions and committees made up of eminent members of their respective industries, from relevant academic bodies and those who are highly qualified and respected from years of practical experience. There are many such Standards organisations around the world and they generally work harmoniously to meet their common mission.

In Australia if a Standard is deemed necessary, the relevant Standards Australia Committee will examine existing standards from around the globe for suitability. If a standard exists which is deemed suitable and satisfactory it may be adopted in toto as an Australian Standard. Often due to differing practices or legislation in other countries some standards are found to be unsuitable and native home grown Standards are developed and incorporated as Australian Standards.

Sometimes several Standards may appear to apply to a particular type of equipment. If there is a product specific Standard then this will take precedence over any other Standard. If no product specific Standard exists then a ‘family standard’ would usually apply and if no family standard is applicable then a generic standard for the product type may apply. Foreign or foreign language Standards for equipment which are covered by an Australian Standard have no standing in Australia, and in fact it is important that no regard be paid to such Standards as there may be vital safety implications or performance issues due to differing practices in the country of origin.

We take pride in delivering satisfaction and deliver fast assistance by investigating the root cause of a problem. If it is our equipment then it will be repaired or replaced asnecessary. If the problem lies elsewhere we help to identify the root cause and it can then be tackled by those responsible.

Our Zener warranty is there for your peace of mind and to deliver satisfaction when needed most. We don’t go in for product replacement without investigation which may or may not rectify the problem and which may even lead to damage to the replacement equipment and possible additional cost when the root cause is found to lie elsewhere.

We may be a bit old fashioned but we take pride in what we do. Make sure you get what you paid for. Remember price is what you pay, value is what you get.