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high level communications

What is communication?

Well it could mean the exchange of ideas or the imparting of information. There are many thousands of languages spoken around the world, old ones become extinct and new ones emerge - think Esperanto! Some feel that language is to facilitate communication yet most languages were developed to keep things secret! The English to keep secrets from the French, the Germans from Greeks and so on. Esperanto seemed a good idea at the time - take the two most prevalent western languages of English and Spanish and come up with a universal common open language with no secrets. Well the results are there for all to see - Esperanto is no more an open and commonly understood way to communicate than some near extinct dialect from some unheard of tribe! Enough said about secret languages, at Zener we love to communicate at the highest levels.

Zener designs have high level communication interfaces (HLI) in their blood. Whilst our equipment is fully capable of standalone operation as well as being responsive to all the various standard analog speed control signals, there are times when high level communications (HLI) are the only way to go.

We have a range of HLI protocols available including but not limited to MODbus, BACnet and LONWorks interfaces. Each has their respective strengths and weaknesses, but we have the interfaces to suit your needs. Contact us if you need HLI assistance. Did you know that HLI has been around for a long time since Modicon first released MODbus in 1979? MODbus is recognised as the daddy of modern HLI protocols, yet it has successfully evolved over the years with many generations and iterations. It is seen as a de facto standard in the industry being a truly open protocol and royalty free. In fact there are few contemporary competing protocols which don't have a MODbus interface, although it's not something that tends to be divulged or advertised.

Don't be stuck with a dead or secret HLI protocol - talk to Zener today and communicate.