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A few thoughts on warranty

The evolution of the concept of product warranty has been around for about 4000 years since it was a subset of Babylonian cuneiform law. The evolution of product warranty has been fundamental to accepted practices in business and trade in almost all societies, from the Babylonians of 2000 BC, the Egyptian BC era, the Romans BC to AD, the middle ages, through the industrial revolution right up to the present day.Worthy artisans and tradespeople who took pride in their work knew well that their main stock in trade was their reputation and consequently their word was their bond and they, like their ancient predecessors ensured satisfaction for their clients.

It may seem that warranties have improved enormously in recent years with the introduction of consumer laws to ensure that goods and services are of merchantable quality, but ultimately the role of a warranty is to ensure satisfaction, whether it be a piece of equipment, a design or the labour to perform a task or deliver a project.

At Zener we have never lost sight of the fact that a good warranty should deliver customer satisfaction. We know from our service data base spanning many years that approximately half of all calls for assistance during and beyond the warranty period ultimately turn out to be totally unrelated to the equipment in question. It may have appeared that way at the time but as our records show, in half the cases the problems lay elsewhere.

The modern tendency to toss things away has led to a similar approach with warranty – the customer complains about a problem so he gets sent a replacement product. From past experience where approximately half the problems are ultimately found to be external to and not related to the product this approach generally will not lead to satisfaction. You need to first establish the root cause of the problem and then take remedial action.

The Zener service department takes pride in delivering satisfaction. If a problem is reported we deliver fast assistance by investigating the root cause. If it is our equipment then it will be repaired or replaced as necessary. If the problem lies elsewhere we help to identify the root cause and it can then be tackled by those responsible.

Our Zener warranty is there for your piece of mind and to deliver satisfaction when needed most. We don’t go in for product replacement without investigation which may or may not rectify the problem and which may even lead to damage to the replacement equipment and possible additional cost when the root cause is found to lie elsewhere.

We may be a bit old fashioned but we take pride in what we do. Make sure you get what you paid for – remember price is what you pay value is what you get.